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How can Lightning Logistics support your business?

Local Mentality, UK Wide Service

We’re used to tailoring solutions to fit the logistical needs of any business

Our team of logistics specialists can help design a bespoke service package to meet the needs of your business - whether that’s secure packages, time-sensitive deliveries, or specialised storage, we will work with you to understand your requirements.
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Technical and Infrastructure

Data centres, telecommunication masts, fibre cabinets, telephone exchanges. We’re used to delivering extremely high-value technology to sites across the UK every day. Our drivers and warehouse teams are trained in handling this kind of equipment, as we know that they can be extra fragile and need to be treated with even more care!

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Medical Courier Service

We provide specialist services to the health and medical sector. Whether that is urgent blood samples, medical equipment, or viral samples, we know how to move these safely, and how important it is that collections and deliveries are made on time.

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Secure Delivery Service

We don’t quite do handcuffs attached to briefcases, but we do know that some goods and packages need to be handled with extra care - whether that’s ID checks at the delivery and collection sites, or a fully tracked service.

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Same Day Courier Service

Some things just need to get there at the time they need to get there. Whether a full van or a single package, your fragile, confidential or high value item gets a dedicated service - the courier who makes your collection, is the same one who makes your delivery.

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Storage and Fulfilment

Our warehouse facility is ready to store your equipment, so that our teams can pick it efficiently and make sure we can deliver it directly to where you need it to be, when you need it to be there.

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Our Location

Here when you need us

Whether it’s Lands End, or John o’ Groats, if it needs to be there at 6am, it will be there at 6am. Our drivers travel throughout the night to ensure that goods are delivered exactly where and where our customers need them. Our office team is always available when you need them too, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All year round support

UK Wide Delivery Operation

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